• Marci

25 Ways to Make it a Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!

Looking for some things to do to commemorate this Easter Weekend? Start new traditions. Here are some ways to make your Easter in quarantine a special one:

1. Virtual church service or mass

2. Easter egg hunt within the house

3. Virtual dinner with extended family

4. Indoor family picnic with your household

5. Family camp-out with tents in backyard

6. Easter dance party

7. Take a hike

8. Go for a bike ride

9. Adult colouring

10. Wine, cheese and Easter painting party

11. Start a virtual book club

12. Build a puzzle together

13. Card games

14. Board games

15. Video games

16. Cook a feast together

17. Bake up a storm

18. Learn a new skill like knitting

19. Listen to a podcast together

20. Listen to an ebook together

21. Do Easter arts and crafts

22. Play music and sing along

23. Play table tennis, air hockey or Foosball

24. Journal about your Easter Traditions

25. Make a scrap or memory book



Whatever you do, make this Easter a special one. Despite the fact that we are enduring a pandemic and practicing physical distancing we can still keep socially connected and do things to make this Easter weekend a happy and memorable one!

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