• Marci

Holiday Recovery

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

I hope you had a great holiday! Was it peaceful? Chaotic? Lonely? Crowded? However you spent it here are some tips for Holiday Recovery::

1. Reflect on how your holiday went. Think about the series of events that happened and how they made you feel.

2. Record your thoughts in a journal. The Empowerment Planner includes your weekly thought journal for introspection.

3. Write down one thing that your are grateful for using gratitude journal in your Empowerment Planner.

4. Based on all that you have now written, use the feelings page at the front of your Empowerment Planner to help you decide on how you are feeling now.

5. Rate and record your current mood and anxiety levels on your daily planner page.

6. Choose an affirmation to meditate on for your day today. Consider using the affirmation given in your planner for today

7. Set your priorities for tomorrow using the daily priorities list. What things do you want to do differently? Do you want to incorporate rest? Exercise? Do you want to follow up on things that did not get resolved today? What will you incorporated in tomorrow's day to make it meaningful?

If you have not yet purchased your Empowerment Planner, you can get your own copy at www.graymatterhealth.com/shop.

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for a Fantastic 2020!

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