• Marci

How to Deal with the Anxiety of a Pandemic

I understand that this pandemic may be quite concerning to you as there is continued uncertainty.  If you are feeling some anxieties in light of our current realities you are definitely not alone. Here are some of my helpful tips on healthy ways to cope during this time of uncertainty.

  1. TALK: Talk to someone about how you are feeling.  Don't let anxious thoughts just ruminate in your mind.  Find a trusted friend, family member or therapist to talk to.

  2. BREATHE: Practise your deep breathing techniques such as 4 square breathing to help you stay calm and relaxed. Breath in for four counts, hold for four counts, and breath out for four counts, then hold for four count

  3. LAUGH: Whether it is a tv show, movie, Youtube video, books or telling jokes with friends, find things that make you laugh.  Laughter is great medicine.

  4. PLAY: It's not just kids who need to have fun.  Find great games you can play with your household that use both gross motor skills and fine motor skills.  Gross motor activities use large movements such as dancing, while fine motor skills are smaller movements such as playing card games. Whether its card games, dancing, board games, physical activities, Virtual Reality or video games -just have some fun! Put on work out videos, play dance dance revolution, play active video games, add some movement into your fun. Do crafts, painting adult colouring, the options for different types of play and fun are endless.

  5. PRACTICE: Practice preventative measures such as frequent hand washing, social distancing and avoiding face touching.  Also practise other healthy habits such as sleeping and eating well. Keep a regular bedtime and wake up time as well as regular meal and snack times.

  6. LIMIT: Limit your time watching the news.  The news can be informative but also can become obsessive so limit your exposure to once per day.  Ignore the fake news that comes in from others on social media or chat groups.  Filter out what will only make you more anxious and less informed.

  7. PRAY: Prayer has many psychological, emotional, spiritual and even physical benefits.  Studies show that prayer is just as effective and relaxing as mindfulness and meditation. If you are not religious, you may still find comfort in reciting something like the Lord's Prayer. Small prayers for yourself and your family can bring you great emotional and psychological comfort while putting your body in a relaxing state.

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