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How to Overcome Anxiety and Depression

The EMPOWERMENT Planner includes several elements that are helpful for overcoming depression and anxiety. Here are three:

1. The EMPOWERMENT Planner includes a mood tracker and an anxiety tracker. These are helpful in helping you to regulate your mood and keep track of triggers to your anxiety. Tracking helps you to become more self aware so that you can understand root causes and what may be exacerbating symptoms

2. The EMPOWERMENT Planner also includes a weekly thought journal. Journalling is proven to help reduce stress, anxiety and low mood. Journalling is a self care exercise that is therapeutic as it allows you to become in tune with your emotions, sort through feelings, examine thoughts and reflect on progress.

3. A positive affirmation appears on each page of the planner which is integral in building positive self image and self confidence. Recite daily affirmations in order to encourage healthy morale, encourage positive energy and achieve an optimistic outlook.

Start living your best life! Use this planner daily to help you work on reducing anxiety symptoms while your boosting mood and alleviating depression.

To purchase the EMPOWERMENT Planner visit www.graymatterhealth/shop

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