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Not Feeling "Normal"

Not Feeling "Normal" -Into the Mind of "Mental Unwellness"

When you are feeling “normal” then suddenly you don’t feel like yourself or you are having difficulties that you’ve never had, it can be a confusing time. Follow me into the mind of someone struggling with their mental health. These are meant to be another way to help bring awareness to mental health. This blog will express thoughts that a person with a mental illness may have. Some of these are the thoughts I have had. These are thoughts that perhaps you have had. These are the thoughts that others have shared with me that they have had. Sometimes one does not know what is wrong with them they just know that they are not feeling "normal". Here are some of the things you may hear someone struggling with their mental health say:

“I can’t shake this awful feeling”

People suffering often try to do things to shake the negativity and unsettling feelings but somehow find they cannot shake it on their own. “I’m not myself today” If you are having many days like this it’s time to pay attention. You may not know how to express exactly how you feel, you just may feel that something is off or just not the same. The important thing is to begin to become aware of how we are feeling. Become aware of your mood, anxiety, eating, sleeping, and your regular daily patterns before it gets to a stage when you actually begin to become incapacitated or unable to get through your day. If you don’t feel like your usual self, talk to a friend or better yet a doctor or professional. “I want to give up” You may feel like things are getting worse and you cannot hang on any longer but DO NOT GIVE UP. There will be bad days and worse days but there will be better days and brighter days ahead also. NEVER EVER GIVE UP! especially when you feel the worst. Those are the times to survey your feelings. Figure out what distractions you can use or how you can release your feelings in a positive way through art, exercise, journaling or mindful deep breathing. If I gave up, I couldn’t be here today encouraging you. Yes, It is can be hard. Life can be tough. But YOU ARE TOUGHER. DON’T EVER GIVE UP! “I need help” I remember feeling like I was drowning. Life was overwhelming and things seemed upside down. Things were very bad but I was the strong black woman who was gonna “handle it on my own”. So you try to handle it on your own, that is, until You can no longer handle it on your own and you realize... I need help. My advice to you today is this: When things get so bad that you can’t stand it any longer, ask for help. If you’ve convinced yourself that things are not so bad but really you could use some help, don’t hesitate to get the help. If you are unsure you need help, don’t wait until things get worse to get the help. REACH OUT for help until you get the help that you need.

For help call your local crisis line, or 911 if you are in immediate danger of self harm.

Or, go to your local emergence room.

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