• Marci

Reduce Anxiety Through Adult Colouring

If you are struggling with your mental health consider trying adult colouring as a therapeutic solution. According to the American Art therapy association, adult colouring has the therapeutic potential to reduce anxiety, increase mindfulness, and foster self awareness.

Here are some of the benefits of adult colouring:

1. Your brain experiences relief by entering a meditative state

2. Stress and anxiety levels have the potential to be lowered

3. Negative thoughts are expelled as you take in positivity

4. Focusing on the present helps you achieve mindfulness

5. Unplugging from technology promotes creation over consumption

6. Colouring can be done by anyone, not just artists or creative types

7. It’s a hobby that can be taken with you wherever you go

(From Colorit.com)

So try your hand at adult colouring. You may find you enjoy it more than you thought you would. For adult colouring materials search your local craft store or dollar store.

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